A place to connect
humans, their lives,
and experiences.

Watch the first Interview

Depths of
the universe

Immerse yourself in the
spectacular living metaverse
and experience the future.

Space technology
of tomorrow

Fly your state-of-the-art
spaceship equipped with 27th
century technology to
wherever your heart desires.

A universe
of opportunities

Build your fortune in
your home in space.

and conquer

Expand into space and be
rewarded for your effort.

Mining Town

Resource-rich areas are hubs
of economic activity.

The Marketplace

Buy and sell your resources
and services on the Star Atlas
marketplace, both in and
outside the game.

Calico Ship

Calico starships have the
reputation of being a perfect
home away from home, offering
all bells and whistles a ship could
offer while retaining a very familiar,
human design.

The Crew

Catch a breath in the relaxing
ambiance of crew quarters.
With your favorite ReBirth
meta-poster on the wall, the
space comes alive with colors
and an electronic beat
breathed into it.

Player character

Choose between different
signature styles for your

Decide the future
and direction of
Star Atlas

Through holding the Star Atlas
governance token POLIS,
you will have a say in the fate
of the metaverse and the rules
governing it.


What faction
will you join?

Join one of three
main in-game factions.

Ustur Sector

A collective of
sentient androids.

MUD Territory

A territory governed by

ONI Region

A consortium of
alien species.

Where will you take
your spaceship first?

Set a course for your

Engage in combat

Engage enemies in
open space to win
untold riches.

Dock at the space station

Explore the ONI Central
Station, your home
away from home.

Travel at the speed of light

Turn on next-gen warp
drive and experience
interstellar travel.

Your interstellar
adventure awaits

A grand strategy game of space
exploration, territorial conquest, political
domination, and more.

622107.238 LIGHTYEAR
The future of reality

A World Vast
Beyond Imagining

A World Vast
Beyond Imagining

Experience space living

Live and prosper
among the stars

Live and prosper
among the stars

A booming space economy

Be part of the
intergalactic prosperity

Be part of the
intergalactic prosperity

Aboard your starship

Equip your ship for
deep space travel

Equip your ship for
deep space travel

Your Intergalactic Future Awaits

Live the freedom
of the metaverse

Live the freedom
of the metaverse


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